Types Of ID Lanyards

ID Lanyards are not just identification and card holder; they are also stylish accessories that come in different colors and designs. There are also a lot of types and attachment clips that can suit best to the organization or event where it is going to be used. One of the most popular types of ID Lanyards is the pre-printed ones. It is usually made of flat cloth where we can print the organization’s name and even add our logo or design into it. It is usually the types that we see on the corporate world for easier identification especially when we start entering the premises. It is usually printed in bulk for uniformity and either has a swivel or trigger hook attachment so the important identification and access cards won’t just get off that easily. While the standard nylon lanyards are the woven or braided types and circular in appearance. It varies from size and we can have it as plain or printed as well.

These two are the most common types that we usually encounter especially from offices.

ID LanyardsThere are also an eco-friendly type of ID Lanyards that is usually made recycled plastics and even bamboo. Some designs are transparent and some are opaque and they are usually plain and come in different colors. It is a great choice for schools and hospitals as it is very durable. It mostly comes with a plastic hook as well where we can just push the clip to slide our badge. Same durability goes to the inexpensive specialty lanyard that is usually made of rubber, elastic, or vinyl. Heavy-duty and designed to carry cell phones or even keys together with the cards and badges as well. There are even multi-use ID Lanyards type that is available that lets us carry more than the ID cards.

It is usually made of the standard nylon lanyard with a detachable plastic swivel hook that allows a lot of space so we can include our USB, phones, or even whistle and more. If lanyards get heavy because a lot of stuffs are attached, we can try to take advantage of the breakaway and safety lanyard type. It ensures safe disconnection as it has a quick-release cap if ever the pressure is present on your neck or in case if it gets caught from something. The lanyard is also wider than usual to provide better resistance. There is also a type of lanyard that is made of steel but very lightweight. The neck chain types are strong but very light that is usually made of steel and sometimes plastic and has an appearance of merged pellets. The chain types are available with different lengths and multiple colors.

LanyardsAside from the ID Lanyards attachments mentioned, there are still a lot of types to choose from. Just like the split ring types that is ideal to hold a lot of items like badges, cards and keys that cannot be removed easily as it is made of spiral steel that is secure and mostly used on holding badges with round slot. For holding horizontal slots, we can use the bulldog clip so badges can be held straight. We can just squeeze the clip and attach our badges as it offers easy attachment. Usually made of steel but there are plastic types as well. If the user prefers extension, the lanyard reel is the perfect type as it consist a round or square reel that has a lengthy wire attached to the lanyard clip. It slows away and gets back when not in use and we can pull the wire if it is needed.

There are several types of lanyards to choose from ranging from material, color, style and even the attachments included. It is best to assess who are going to use it. As there are a lot of choices that composed of the durable steel and woven, waterproof plastics, and personalized printed ones.